Buining Consulting


Buining Consulting is specialized in Integrated Corporate Performance Management Solutions as well as Integrated Financial and Management Accounting Solutions based on the SAP Environment.

Eric Buining is a leading expert in Performance Management Solutions and Management Control Process Solutions. His original background is Management Accounting and SAP CO. He has been specializing further in Integrated Corporated Performance Management Solutions.

He has been working in various industries like Mining, Manufacturing, Retail, Chemicals, Semi-Conductors, and Automotive.

Eric is a very straightforward, direct and passionate professional who knows what he wants and takes the steps to get that. Eric is a tremendously talented and truly original thinker, who goes deeper than the obvious solution. The work he does is elegant, effective, efficient, conceptually sound and built for future flexibility. More than that, he knows how to explain complex concepts in a very accessible way.
He is creative, result driven and very pleasant to work with


- Industry Knowledge
- Business Process Knowledge
- Performance Management
- Profitability Accounting
- Production Accounting
- Activity-Based Costing
- Throughput Accounting
- Resource Consumption Accounting

Conceptualize, Design and Blueprint Integrated Solutions


Eric is currently writing two books:

  • The integrated Constaints-based Performance Management Solution
  • The integrated Operational Management Control Process Solution

Eric also blogs at www.icpmsolutions.wordpress.com